and have your players read the Lakeland District Player Code of Conduct.

Familiarize yourself with the Lakeland District's Rules and Regulations.

Vulnerable Sector Checks (formerly Criminal Record Check)                                                                                   EVERYONE WHO IS A VERMILION SOCCER ASSOCIATION COACH, ASSISTANT COACH, MANAGER OR ON THE BOARD MUST have a Vulnerable Sector Check completed.  Please drop them off in the Secretary's file slot in the Shack or give them Danielle Eriksen (registrar) NO LATER THAN APRIL 26, 2021. This document is valid for 3 years with VSA.  You must take a signed letter from the President or Vice President with you to the RCMP Station in order to get a Vulnerable Sector Check completed; if you do have a signed letter please contact the Secretary.  RCMP only accept Vulnerable Sector Checks from Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm. If your Vulnerable Sector Check is going to take longer than 2 weeks, please ASK the RCMP to provide you with an In-Progress letter to hand in until the check is complete.

Bench Policy
Vulnerable Sector Checks are MANDATORY! If a coach, assistant coach or manager does not have a Vulnerable Sector Check completed they will be removed from the practice or game. If a team with at least one female player is being coached by a male, there must be an adult female on the bench at all times; this could be a manager, assistant coach or parent. The situation is reversed if the coach is a female and at least one player is male (i.e. a male manager, assistant coach or parent must be on the bench).

2021 Practice Times
Normal practice times for outdoor soccer are as follows:
U5; to be determined
U7-U11; 6:00-7:0pm on Monday and Wednesday evenings
U13-U19; 7:30-8:00pm on Monday and Wednesday evenings

Indoor soccer varies.

Directors of Youth & Mini Soccer and Technical Director for 2021
Our Mini (U7-U11) Director is Sarah Howe.
Our Youth (U13-U19) Director is VACANT.
Our Mini Technical Director is VACANT.
Our Youth Technical Director is Gordon Barrett.

Our Mini Director will organize games for mini teams. Youth level games are organized by Lakeland District.

Registering Players and Teams for the Season
Lakeland District needs registration forms from each team so they can register all our teams with both Lakeland District and ASA: our Registrar will fill it out the ASA Player/Team Registration Form and have the managers proof it before submitting it to Lakeland District.

Coaching Resources
We have some agility nets and cone packages! They can be signed out for practices at the Shack.
Please note that the Canadian Soccer Association has developed a new Long Term Player Development Program, and with it a series of new Coaching Coarses.
Other coaching resources can be found here.

Air Quality
Alberta Health for Air Quality will send notification at 3:00pm on game days if the games will be postponed or cancelled due to poor air quality.

VSA Policy for Team Selection
Teams will be selected by a "Team Selection Committee" composed of the Executive and other members of the Board (namely the Youth Director, the Mini Director, the Mini & Youth Technical Directors, the Field Director and the Director of Officials when possible; other Board members may fill in as required).
At the Mini level, teams within each age category will be split equally according to: 1) birth year; 2) gender; and 3) coaches and managers can be on the same team as their child. In an effort to create equitable and balanced teams, skill level may be taken into consideration if it is known. Also, if numbers warrant there may be teams made of all one gender.

At the Youth Level, teams within each age category will be split according to: 1) gender; 2) skill level; and 3) coaches and managers can be on the same team as their child. Mixed teams will be at the discretion of the coach as this person is ultimately responsible for the safety and wellbeing of each player.

In cases where team viability depends on players moving up, please see "VSA Policy for Players Moving Up".
VSA Policy for Players Moving Up
Vermilion Soccer Association, as a Tier IV soccer association, believes that it is deleterious to player development and team spirit to move players unnecessarily and will not do so lightly.

1. All players will play in their appropriate age categories unless: 1) there is an excess of players in the lower age category; and 2) an insufficient number of players in the next higher one. What constitutes an "excess" or "insufficient" number of players will depend on:

a) Lakeland District/ASA and CSA guidelines which specify minimum and maximum team roster sizes for each age category:
  • Lakeland District requires a minimum of 14 players on a youth roster.
  • ASA/CSA direct the maximums: 1) at U12, CSA recommends no more than 15; however when this is challenged they will accede that up to 20 players could be rostered (this is discouraged at all levels - LDSA, ASA and CSA - as playing time is minimal with this many); 2)  U14+ is based on ASA Rules of Competition which state that rosters can be as large as 25, but you can only dress 20 for a game (rostering 25 is discouraged as the idea is to get people playing the game - you would need permission from the district to submit a roster of 25).
b) what is determined by the "Team Selection Committee" to be an appropriate team size for the circumstances facing our club.

2. If, according to the above criteria, a player is to move up, they will be moved according to one or more of the following criteria, in no particular order: 1) seniority (number of years in soccer) 2) skill level; 3) second year players will be moved before first year players in the same age category; 4) the player must want to play up and the parent or guardian must support this decision; 5) the coaches involved must be consulted and in agreement.

Grant Opportunity (Coaches and Officials)
Alberta Sport accepts applications for The Above and Beyond Grant. This grant provides support of up to $2000 to coaches and officials to pursue educational or developmental opportunities.  Specifically, the grant is intended for a coach or an official that is in a unique situation (apprenticing, geographically isolated, disadvantaged) and who is experiencing extraordinary circumstances.
Vermilion Soccer Assn. Communications Director,
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