Derek Bucharski Memorial Award

In 2008, Vermilion lost one of its most passionate soccer players in Derek Bucharski. In his honour, his family created the "Derek Bucharski Memorial Award for Dedication and Team Spirit". This award is to be given out each year to four individuals (one from each of U13, U15, U17 and U19) who stand out on their respective teams for their dedication and team spirit (such as a positive attitude and good practice attendance). Each recipient receives a small gift and has their name put on a plaque, which can be seen inside the shack.

Derek Bucharski was a member of the Vermilion Soccer Association for 9 years as a player on the youth teams (indoor and outdoor) and Vermilion Men's Team. He loved soccer and was a skillful player. He was also a referee for our association and volunteered along with his parents Mary and Joe. He lost his life in a tragic accident on July 1, 2008. In his memory, his family wants to remember him by presenting these awards to other players who love the game of soccer as fervently as Derek.

The 2019 recipients are;
    U13: Brooke Perron
    U15: Hannah McCagherty
    U17: Cameron Hyshka
    U19: Abygale Durie

Past recipients are as follows :

    U11: Tomas Liemenberg
    U13: Kira Jaremco
    U15: Shelby Cartier
    U17/U19: Evan Evangelista

    U12: Colin Roach
    U14: Clay Bryden
    U16: Megan Krys
    U18: Breanna Rainey

    U12: Madison Tovell
    U14: Alyx Ward
    U16: Ty Stenhouse
    U18: Ossman Abuzukar

    U12: Madison Shimko    
    U14: Tristan Shomachuk    
    U16: Shauna Weimann    
    U18: Taylor Heinrich

    U12: Brody Young          
    U14: Shae Collins              
    U16: Jessica Kingston    
    U18: Ryan Sherwood

    U12: Daniel Zhao           
    U14: Jordan Bush                
    U16: Matthew Pulyk      
    U18: Dustin Stenne

    U12: Tessa Rae Hartwell
    U14: Michael McCrae
    U16: Chad Andreychuk
    U18: Amy Chase

    U12: Shae Collins
    U14: Kennedy Smart
    U16: Logan Sherwood
    U18: Michel Hynek

    U12: Tyra King
    U14: Brandon Cooksen
    U16: Kayley Brodbin
    U18: Ryan Okkema

    U12: Darius Howanyk
    U14: Heidi Stoyko
    U16: Paul Lord
    U18: Rebecca Smith

Congratulations to all of the winners for demonstrating the qualities that made them worthy of this award!