TBA is our Director of Officials for the 2021 season.

Vermilion Soccer Association is looking for Entry Level Referee’s for 2021 Outdoor Soccer Seasons

These are paid positions with possibility of travel to other communities. 

Online Module classes are now available online with 7 days to complete following registration. After the completion of online modules, an in-person training session will be planned in our district. Following successful completion VSA will compensate the costs. 

14 to 15 years olds = Youth Referee

16 year olds and up = District Referee

There are currently four online class modules available between March 17 and May 7, 2021 via the link above.  Click on link for more details.


Due to Covid restrictions, Mini Referee’s or Under 14 is NOT available at this time.  

Thank you for your interest and we will try to keep you updated if this changes.

Pre-Pandemic Referee Information....
New Referees
If you are 12 or 13 years old, you can become a "mini ref"! Contact TBA for details.

Read more about becoming a referee here.

Anyone new to refereeing must sign up for an approved course. To do this, go in through the Alberta Soccer website “Referee” tab – it leads you to the “set up an account” page.  Once you complete the information you will be able to register for the entry level course.

Existing Referees
Each year, every referee in Alberta must:

1. Renew their annual registration before April 1st. (This registration is valid for one outdoor season and the following indoor season - April 1 to March 31 - of the following year).
2. Complete the online refresher questionnaire (before attending the refresher) at the ref centre website at least 3 days before the day of the course for which you are registered.
3. Attend a refresher course prior to each season they wish to be assigned games. ASA will provide the Laws of the Game to referees at their refresher course - these will not be mailed to the referees individually.

If a referee doesn't complete all three of the necessary requirements (listed above), they are not eligible to referee in Alberta.

There has been a refresher course booked (existing referees) for TBA at 6:30-9:30pm held at the Regional Center in Vermilion, an entry level course (14yrs +)  for TBA at 9am-5pm both days and a mini ref course (12/13yr olds) for TBA at 10am-4pm.

Ref Centre Website
The ref centre website can be used to schedule and assign referees to games. It can also be used to calculate pay, receive yellow and red card reports, register referees, schedule assessors, generate assessment reports, manage fitness tests, manage courses for new and returning referees and communicate with referees. All referees have an account here. 

Once you have created an account, log in at (Make sure your email address is the one that you used to log in last year. For those with more than one email address (e.g. work & home), please double check that you are using the correct one).

To register for a course, log in and go to the 'Registration' menu. From there, pay your registration fee using one of the methods offered; complete the questionnaire; and sign up for and attend an Outdoor Refresher course. (Note – if you used the ‘Pay Later’ option in Step 2, you will not be able to sign up for a course until payment has been received by Alberta Soccer). Note – courses are added by districts and zones throughout the spring season, so you may have to check back more than once to find a course with time and location that suits your needs. If you are having trouble logging in or registering for a course, contact or phone 780-474-2200 or 1-866-250-2200 (Toll-free), or contact your District for more information.

If you live in one district, but would like to officiate in other neighboring districts it’s important that you take a moment and choose those other districts as preferences in your Ref Centre account.  An example of this would be if you reside in Edmonton but would also like to show up on the list of eligible officials for Sherwood Park or St. Albert. It’s simply a matter of logging into your Ref Centre account and clicking on any districts you choose under the “Preferences’ tab and then clicking the ‘submit’ button. Provided your registration is current and you have completed any other requirements to be considered an eligible official (i.e .attended a refresher or conversion course) this will ensure that all districts you are interested in officiating for will know you are an eligible officials. This process also ensures that your personal information is not shared with anyone other than the district assignors you have chosen. If you have any questions regarding this, please don’t hesitate to contact the ASA office at 780-474-2200 for assistance.

Indoor Soccer
If you have never refereed indoor soccer in Alberta, you will need to register for an Indoor Conversion Course.

Link to the Lakeland District and the Alberta Soccer Association
Grant Opportunity
Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation accepts applications for The Above and Beyond Grant twice a year (May 15th and October 15th deadlines). This grant provides support of up to $2000 to coaches and officials to pursue educational or developmental opportunities.  Specifically, the grant is intended for a coach or an official that is in a unique situation (apprenticing, geographically isolated, disadvantaged) and who is experiencing extraordinary circumstances.
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Mar 17, 2019, 1:35 PM