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Vermilion Soccer Association
Box 3729, Vermilion, AB, T9X 2B7

Vulnerable Sector Checks (formerly Criminal Record Check)                             
EVERYONE WHO IS A VERMILION SOCCER ASSOCIATION COACH, ASSISTANT COACH, MANAGER OR ON THE BOARD MUST have a Vulnerable Sector Check completed.  Please drop them off in the Secretary's file slot in the Shack or give them Angela Bryden (registrar) NO LATER THAN MAY 9, 2018. This document is valid for 3 years with VSA.  You must take a signed letter from the President or Vice President with you to the RCMP Station in order to get a Vulnerable Sector Check completed; if you do have a signed letter please contact the Secretary.  RCMP only accept Vulnerable Sector Checks from Tuesday-Thursday, 8:00am-4:00pm. If your Vulnerable Sector Check is going to take longer than 2 weeks, please ASK the RCMP to provide you with an In-Progress letter to hand in until the check is complete.

Contact Information for 2018 Board members, Directors & Coordinators are listed below;
If you require any further contact information please email vermilionsoccer@outlook.com.

Attached below the contact information is the Staff Manual.  This document describes the roles and responsibilities of each position required to manage the Vermilion Soccer Association (VSA).  All positions are staffed by volunteers; ideally, VSA will strive to have each position assigned to a different individual, however, by necessity, it is recognized that an individual may be performing multiple jobs.  In addition to providing clarity regarding which position within the club is responsible for which task; it is the intent of this document to provide those volunteers with a clear view of what each position requires in an effort to facilitate the recruiting of volunteers.  IF YOU HOLD A CURRENT POSITION; Please take time to REVEIW THIS DOCUMENT.    
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PositionNameContact Number
PositionNameContact Number
Bylaw Review Coordinator VACANT  
Clothing Coordinator Lisa Sader 780.853.6650 
Club Photographer Colleen Symes 780.581.7589 
Communications Director Kristy Reiniger 780.853.3940 
Concession Coordinator Base Salame 780-581-5815 
Director of Equipment Lana Roach 780-581-4665 
Director of Fields Clint McCullough 780.853.7006 
DIrector of Indoor Soccer VACANT  
Director of Mini Soccer Sarah Howe 780.581.4805 
Director of Officials Chad Wilson 780.744.3991 
Director of Senior Soccer Tom McAleer 780-207-7019 
Director of Youth Soccer Danielle Erikson 780-581-5420 
Fundraising Coordinator VACANT  
In-Town Tournament Coordinator Arleigh Reid 780.581.3135 
Lining Coordinators Adam Arcand 780-581-4136 
Lining Coordinators Jayron Fajarito 780-909-0155 
Maintenance Coordinator Mark Hager 780.581.4439 
Mini Technical Director Shirral Shostak 780-581-5669 
Nets Coordinator Ryan Geall 780.581.8809 
Outhouse Coordinator Nick Chapman 780-853-7654 
Past President (Executive Position) Mike Crowe 780.853.1112 
Photography Coordinator Elizabeth Myhovich 780.853.0252 
President (Executive Position) Wayne Roach 780.853.3795 
Registrar (Executive Position) Angela Bryden 780.787.0484 
Secretary (Executive Position) Leslie Carlson 780-853-3598 
Treasurer (Executive Position) Darlene Gourley 780.853.7569 
Vice President (Executive Position) Kristin Ward 780.581.5742 
Volunteer Director Linda Hemauer 780.853.0578 
Youth Technical Director Tom McAleer 780.207.7019 
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Vermilion Soccer Assn. Communications Director,
Mar 12, 2018, 6:01 PM